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What Tiggers Do Best

I am somewhat loath to admit that unlike thousands upon thousands of children’s literature devotees, I am not a big fan of the Winnie-the-Pooh stories. Rabbit drives me crazy with his bossy and anal personality, Piglet is a flibbertigibbet and … Continue reading

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Let it Be

Seven months ago I pushed a painful truth down as far as it would go. I got busy and ignored its quiet but persistent knocking at my subconscious. I believed that I could go about my business and let it … Continue reading

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Agonizing Uncertainty

As I sit down to write, I am acutely aware of a rather large elephant sitting on my chest. I think that he has probably been with me all through the summer but seems to have gained considerable weight with … Continue reading

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Go the Distance

In the days following my surrender to depression and grief I have been feeling as if a great weight is slowly being lifted from my chest. Finally ‘coming clean’ about just how much I am struggling is releasing me from … Continue reading

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